About Bait Al Maarifa

We at Bait Al Maarifa care about education, and about nurturing healthy development of children's minds. We also extend our support to schools, universities, ministries and institutions by importing and distributing all needs of the educational resources and office supplies.

Special Qualification

Bait Al Maarifa's vision is to be the number one knowledge-driven retail store in Doha providing quality educational, and leisure resources to the public. Our goal is to support educators, professionals, and families by providing an extensive range of products and services. We aim to continue expanding our services and product range while helping to instil a passion for knowledge in our local, and expatriate community of Qatar.

Bait Al Maarifa is one of the very few English based bookstores in Qatar, also servicing the Arabic-speaking community. In line with our vision, we like to offer personalized service to our customers and accommodate special requests. We have access to a diverse range of international publishers and suppliers for different gift items in addition to technical materials and electronics. We are also up to date on new publications and new tech products including games and toys.

We Offer


English & Arabic Books / Bestsellers / Children Books / Periodicals / Technical Manuals / Travel Guides / Reference Books

Educational Resources

Education Curriculum / Science & Sport Equipment / Robotics / Globes & Maps / Audio & Video Materials / Online Subscriptions / Software

Educational Toys

Sensory Toys & Equipment / Toys For Autisms & Special Needs / Manipulative Kits

Physiotherapy equipment

Equipment for children behavioral therapy / Occupational Therapy Tools


Educational Materials & Stationary / Art Supplies

Furniture & Office Supply

Library Furniture / School Furniture / Office Supply


Since the opening of the first Bait Al Maarifa, our store has become an important resource base for schools, families and individuals, and a haven for book enthusiasts as well! Bait Al Maarifa is also a place for parents and children to find interesting and varied educational and leisure items.

Our range of products provide opportunities for actively engaging all ages, from babies to the elderly, in enjoyable and meaningful sensory and educational activities.

All learning takes place through our senses, and sensory activities and play presents an essential.

Community Reach

Bait Al Maarifa has become a sought out destination for local and expatriate families of Qatar. By catering to various schools and institutions, and collaborating with different organizations such as the British Council in Qatar, Bait Al Maarifa continues to be actively involved by contributing to the cultural scene of Doha. Additionally, Bait Al Maarifa continues to be engaged in the Independent and International school community in Doha through organizing book fairs at individual school locations, and servicing libraries. Teachers often seek the advice of our expert staff in the selection of appropriate resources for their classes. Furthermore, our store becomes a hive of activity with the occasional staging of events, such as storytelling and meet the author sessions.

Our Customers

At Bait Al Maarifa, we take pride in serving our customers. In our endearing effort to be an active participant in the educational and developmental milestones of our community, we contribute to the National Vision 2030 in supporting Education.

Our store welcomes Qatari and Expatriate families living in Qatar. The products we offer are especially appealing to parents of young children whom believe in the importance of early development, literacy, brain engagement, and tackling these at an early age.

Our customers also include teachers and school principals. Additionally, we cater to some of the biggest organizations and companies in Qatar such as The Supreme Education Council, Qatar Foundation, Qatar Petroleum, WH Smith, and AlMeera, to name a few. Bait Al Maarifa serves the community, and in such we believe that every person in Qatar is a potential customer of Bait Al Maarifa.